Saturday, October 10, 2015

Who is KayTayMassage?

By: Karyl Taylor LMT

            Whenever I go to write a blog or an article, I tend to either have troubles with the opening or closing sentence. SO I guess I’ll just dive right into this one. My name is Karyl Taylor, and well, I’m sure you could have already guessed it, I am a massage therapist. Now I feel like everyone has that heartwarming story of how they always wanted to be a massage therapist or how they knew they would always end up helping people in pain, but that’s not me. In fact, massage school ended up being my back up plan. I had big dreams of owning and running a successful coffee stand or coffee shop. Along with my big dreams came the reality of “what if it doesn’t work out?” Then, there it was. A radio commercial for becoming a massage therapist. My first thought was, “well that seems easy enough.” Oh was I so wrong yet so right at the same time. Going back to school in general was hard for me. When I was younger, school wasn’t really “my thing”. Getting signed up and ready seemed like a breeze, despite how nervous I was to go back to school. Everything just fell magically into place.
            Ok, I know now I’m starting to get a little mushy with this, but it’s true. It was quite literally like it was supposed to happen. When school started, things just seemed to get easier in the sense that I started to fall in love with learning! Now I’ve gone full on chick flick. Still, I did. I fell in love with it. All of it. The subjects really interested me and I would find myself researching things for hours and being overly specific with my notes. Before I knew it the school year was almost over. So far everything was going so well, for school anyways.
              My personal life was a bit of a different story. Let’s just say, for the most part, I wasn’t entirely good to my body. Late nights, and truthfully, probably too much partying. Working in a popular restaurant in down town Boston can lead to such activities. Ignoring my health, I eventually ended up getting rather sick (of course during kinesiology the class I looked forward to the most). I had been so stressed out with everything else in my life my body was pretty much giving out on me. I specifically remember one day where it was really bad and my teacher had just looked at me and said, “Go! Get out of my class and go to a doctor. Right now.” ME! Of all people, I had been forced to go home! This was a very new concept for me, as in grade school I would leave at any chance I got. 
               Long story short, my immune system was a bit run down and a few nutritional deficiencies were to blame (thank goodness, an easy fix), but I had something that sparked a fire in me. I had purpose, I had meaning, I had substance! I felt such a pull towards massage and the possibilities it could have for me that I HAD to fix my health and my life. Did I mention I was a bit of a wild child? Finally graduation came, and the feeling of accomplishment was amazing. Eight years later I’m still very much in love with what I do. The avenues are endless and help keep my ever so fleeting attention span. Today I own my own practice, work at a franchise massage establishment (ya ya I know, but this place is actually one of the best jobs I’ve ever had), and oversee the student clinic at a local massage school. My love for learning is still strong, which has lead me to this blog. So I can share a piece of my world and knowledge with anyone who cares to listen (or read really). Hopefully maybe even inspire a few people, who knows. Guess my possibilities are still endless. 

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